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Holly Flaskamp

“It would be an honor to help you find your dream home.”

Holly has lived and worked in The Woodlands for over 20 years and has deep knowledge of the surrounding cities and counties. More than that, she has been a vital contributor to area churches, schools, communities, and businesses. Holly’s benevolent nature and deep ties to the community have also made her a highly-sought-after philanthropic tactician. Plainly said, Holly’s deep connection with the region brings a level of familiarity and expertise that is hard to match.

Holly earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Nebraska and worked in the highly competitive field of Pharmaceutical Sales. It was here that she learned vital negotiating skills and key insights to advocate for her clients. Later, as a dedicated wife, mother, and highly active community organizer, Holly honed her ability to work smarter, with intentionality and preparedness. Holly also possesses a unique ability to “bring the calm” via her caring and altruistic nature—a skillset that is treasured in an oftentimes stressful process.

She’s also a bit of a thrill-seeker including skydiving and scuba diving (with sharks!). Holly brings excellence and service to your home-buying experience at a level you have come to expect from Position Property Group.

Practical How-To’s for Buying a Home

Consider location:

  • Closer to work to cut down on commute
  • Closer to kids’ schools
  • Near walking paths/parks
  • Noise tolerance—busy streets, flight path, secluded
  • Close to amenities that are important to you—Grocery store or golf course
  • The view

What is the primary function of your home:

  • Raise kids
  • Entertain
  • Look after elderly parents—does it need to be one-story?
  • Downsize and retire

Investment opportunities:

  • Property ownership is one of the least-risky  investments to building equity and ROI
  • Expand your investment portfolio
  • Purchase rental property

What’s on your wishlist?

  • A large lot for play, entertaining, gardening, swimming
  • Chef’s kitchen
  • Tons of closets
  • Latest technology
  • Energy efficient
  • Architectural style

Budget considerations beyond the mortgage:

  • Property taxes
  • Utility costs
  • Association fees
  • Landscaping
  • New furniture needs

Practical How-To’s for Selling a Home


  • Read the room—or more accurately the neighborhood. What is the market data on recently sold homes of similar size, features, and year built?
  • Be strategic with remodels! Statistics show that kitchen and master bath remodels can give up to 80% return on your investment.
  • Price accurately. Padding the price to negotiate later often backfires. It’s better to be in a bidding war, than outpricing potential buyers.

The state of your home:

We bring a professional stager and organizer to your home. This service is available to you for 2 hours to either help you organize, stage, or both. In the meantime, there are a lot of things you can do to jumpstart the process.

  • De-clutter. Seriously de-clutter. Buyers can’t picture themselves in the home if it’s filled with your personality.
  • Deep clean. Buyers want to see a well-taken-care-of, bright, clean, and fresh-smelling house. Hit them with all of the senses.
  • Fix the flaws. It makes sense to take care of any repairs that will help you attain top dollar for your home.


Buying a Home

There are many reasons for purchasing a new home—location, schools, commute times, neighborhood amenities, room to grow, time to downsize… Take the time to sit down and write out exactly the attributes you are looking for in your dream home.

  • Decision: Have a clear sense of why you want to buy a home. It will greatly aid in finding the right property.
  • Finances: Check your credit rating and get your financial documents in order. In order to negotiate, you need to come from a position of stability.
  • Realtor. Choose an accredited professional to guide you through the financial complexities, understands the market, listens to your needs, and works on your behalf.
  • Research. A little due diligence goes a long way. Get to know the area, schools, traffic, noise levels, future construction projects, etc.
  • Legalities. Once you’ve settled on a property, we guide you through the legal process of purchasing a home including Make an Offer, Inspection, Appraisal and Lending, Homeowners Insurance, and Closing.

Selling a Home

The most important aspect of selling your home is the timing. Do you need to sell quickly, or is there time to review market conditions and favorable selling indicators? 


  • Financial Considerations. We ensure you are in full control of your finances by estimating potential proceeds, planning effective tax savings, and making sure any decisions are within your estate planning strategy. 
  • Listing Agent. It’s important to have an agent who has deep knowledge of the community, manages a prolific network, and has the technical expertise to get your listing in front of the right people.
  • Prepare. It’s time to remove your emotional attachment and ruthlessly evaluate the home you are trying to sell: curb appeal, repairs, de-clutter, deep cleaning, inspection.
  • Accepting an offer. Price is not the only consideration, sometimes there are terms and conditions that influence the final outcome. We fairly negotiate to find an agreement beneficial to both parties.
  • Legalities. Once an offer has been accepted, we guide you through the final steps of the Purchase Agreement, including the Buyer’s Inspection, Lender’s Appraisal, Free and Clear Title, Contingencies, and Closing.


Position Property Group focuses on real estate and does not offer services in insurance, financial planning, or other institutions that our clients regularly utilize as part of their financial portfolio. However, for your convenience, we have provided a quick link to a separate entity. To maintain a similar level of care that Position Property Group has provided our clients, we would like to provide the resource to a company, owned and operated by Danny and Cary, with continuity of customer service that improves our clients’ opportunities.

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The Holly Flaskamp Foundation

“I seek out ways to connect with people and give back to the community that I love so deeply. Therefore, I tithe 10% of my commission to the charity of choice of my clients. This donation goes under your name, to your charity, from me.”

The world needs bright spots, and together, we will be one.